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I found this poem I wrote on the last day of seventh grade. I lost it, and now I found it! It's interesting to see how much better I am now at writing poetry!


I am Caitlin
I'm just a girl
And forever I'll lock myself
Away from this world

I am Caitlin
I have blue eyes
The smile I wear everyday
Is only a disguise

I am Caitlin
I love to read
And everyday I cut my wrists
Just so I can bleed

I am Caitlin
I'm very shy
No one really cares enough
To notice when I cry

I am Caitlin
I am thirteen
And no matter what I do
I can never be seen

I am Caitlin
I'm only a child
But he doesn't care
Because it's me who he defiled

I am Caitlin
I love the sea
And no one can understand
How hard it is to be me

I am Caitlin
I haven't much to say
But I beg that someone will notice
The pain I feel everyday
BakaAnimeFriendz Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Damn, I envy how good you are at poetry. ;-; ...
And remember Caitlin if you need anything you can just talk to us, mkay? (When I mean us, I mean Kaylee or Alexiya, cuz' Im broken at the moment.)
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Submitted on
September 5, 2012